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To help entrepreneurs build meaningful brands through strategic design.

Founder | Brand Designer

Andrea Smith

Hi there! I'm Andrea and I help entrepreneurs build brands through strategy and design. I began my career as a self-taught graphic designer 12 years ago when I established Precision Graphic Designs in 2010. 10 years later, I developed a special passion for entrepreneurs and small businesses while receiving my bachelors degree in Business and Information Management: Entrepreneurship Specialization in 2020. In order to better serve these clients and expand my services, I rebranded my business as Aymar Media in 2021.

My ultimate desire is for entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams in spite of self-limiting beliefs or the restraints placed on them by society and their environment. Start your business, build your brand, and create the life you desire to live!

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Core Values

These core values are what guide goal setting and decision making at Aymar. They are at the center of every action taken and help cultivate and maintain a healthy and productive business atmosphere.

Pursue Improvement

Never stagnate. Success creates comfort and failure creates fear. Always search for and discover ways to be and do better.

Challenge the Norms

Think outside the box and challenge what has been done before. Embrace opportunities to explore creative and innovative solutions.

Educate & Inspire

Be a source of information and welcome every opportunity to enlighten and motivate others.

Operate Honestly

Maintain honest business practices, open lines of communication, and an atmosphere of transparency.

Take it Personally

Take a personal interest in the success of others. Commit to ensuring that every person receives the highest quality product and service possible.

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